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A resource for exploring the history and stories surrounding Fletcher Jones in Warrnambool.  

This site is still being developed and there are still more stories and images to upload.  The stories are organised in themes and sub themes.  Some of the themes currently have little or even no content, while others have lots to explore, learn from and enjoy already.   There are long stories, very short stories and there are some short movies.  There are lots of beautiful, contemporary and historical photographs.  The site is a mixture of history and connecting the past with the present.  

We are very grateful to everyone who has so generously contributed, stories, photos, old newspaper clipppings and other documentary memorabilia.  Special thanks to the Jones Family for their permisson to use so many photographs from the collection put together by son of Fletcher, David Jones.  

We will continue to edit and upload stories and images in early 2017. We welcome your feedback and participation. Tell us what's working and what's not on the site and if you have a story, photo or an anecdote you'd like to share about what made Fletcher Jones, the man and the business special, we'd love to hear from you.  To the best of our knowledge, the information shared is accurate; some dates may differ slightly in other versions of the FJ history.  


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If you would like to share images, stories or anecdotes about Fletcher Jones, the man or the business, please contact the Project Coordinator, Julie Eagles, through this website or contact via the Save the Silver Ball and Fletcher’s Gardens Facebook Page.  

We'd also love your feedback about our website and your favourite stories.  You can also let us know if you think we've got anything wrong, misspelt or left out.